Mentoring Opportunities

Once you attend a workshop and start to use the techniques and strategies, you may have questions that arise.  It can be helpful to have support as you become familiar and confident with using the transforming meditation techniques. You will find resources to assist you with this as you scroll down the page.

Soon you will be able to sign up for mentoring support to develop your practice.  In the mean time download the free pdf “10 tips to a fabulous session connected with Creator” and sign up to our newsletter so you can receive regular hints for practice and keep up to date with developments. 

Practitioner and Group Mentoring

To enhance your use of the meditation technique after you attend a class, you are invited to make the most of ongoing  mentoring opportunities. There are three mentoring opportunities for you:  

Monthly Practice Sessions

These are group practice sessions held online or in person in New Plymouth. Each month a different topic is discussed, followed by an opportunity to practice techniques with another people who have attended workshops.   These sessions give you an opportunity to become part of a thriving community of people using the techniques in a variety of settings.   Entry to these is by koha/ donation. To find out dates and times for these sessions email us

Individual Mentoring Sessions

Individual mentoring sessions are designed to assist you deepen your use of the technique in clinical work with clients.   Opportunities for these are limited and available by application. 

Small Group Mentoring Sessions

Being part of a small mentoring group gives you the opportunity to meet with other practitioners and have an in-depth discussion and extension on topics that arise from your individual and work practice.

Opportunities for the small group and individual sessions are limited and available on application.   To apply for one of these places, please contact us, detailing the workshops you have undertaken and outline how you anticipate using such sessions.