Creating Seminats Together

There is always great opportunity to play. My favorite kind….but it requires some rules to the game so here we go…

We can have workshop any place and nearly any time. I have workshop from high in the mountains to golden beaches and beautiful lake shallots.

The prices for the workshops are given by the Think Institute so they will not change but the hosting fee would change due to the extra time involved, as well as extra fee for travel and accommodation. The price would be dependent on which country I am in and how far I would have to travel but to give you little bit idea, it can be from 50$ per person on top of the Workshop fee if it is in the same country up to 120$ per person on tom pf the workshop fee if I would have to travel internationally (for a 3 days workshop) and I would need minimum 7 students

In this case students would have to pay deposit a head which would not be refundable except if I have to cancel the workshop from my site.

If I would be offered a host, who would take care of the venue, food, my accommodation, order books and print manuals I would offer full scholarship.

If we have more than 8 student I could also offer scholarship to students who may be in the need of some support.

The rest is up to you…place…location…if you would like it all simple and close to nature or if you would like to have it as a retreat with full treatment, yoga and meditation after class… we can play…

Are you READY!!!

email me at