ThetaHealing® Animal Seminar Instructors

Learn to harness the power of instructing those whose intuitive prowess falls within the animal kingdom.

Understand the earths interconnectivity and how other animal species are able to communicate their needs to those who have opened up themselves intuitively to help animals.

Strengthen your abilities to communicate and heal intuitively within the animal kingdom and how to open the abilities of your students to expand their practices beyond the human realm. With this seminar, as an instructor, you will be able lead and demonstrate the exercises learned in the Animal Seminar to enhance your students awareness of the third plane of existence.  As an instructor of this seminar you will have the ability to connect with the animals of the third plane to promote healing, learning, and adaptation.  This is a powerful seminar that will help enhance your experience and understanding the third plane of existence, where we live and play. 

 Develop your ability to instruct those towards a higher vibrational consciousness interacting and enveloping the love and healing energies from the 3rd Plane of Existence. 

You Will Learn:

  • How to communicate with animals by sending Telepathic images
  • Find the sacred name of the animal
  • Meeting and speaking to the animals higher self
  • How to heal animals
  • Body scan an animal
  • Belief and feeling work on an animal
  • Healing horses
  • How to manifest animals into your life and also animals that you want to avoid (sending the signal of safety)
  • Retrieving ancestral information using crystal layout

Seminar Includes

ThetaHealing® Animal Practitioner Manual


1 day


In Person