We can look at your personal blocks, fears, limitations as well as we can work with death, personal loss, grief, relationships, traumas, depression and addictions.
We can look at any family issues (divorce, or death), mental illnesses or at any physical challenges (autoimmune diseases, and fertility issues, weight issues, self-image, anorexia, etc.)

Together we will discover the limiting belief that is supporting the issue and transform it through a series of understandings, lessons, downloads of believes and replacement patterns that are designed to bring you to your highest potential. You have verbal consent every step of the way, so it feels very safe.

How many sessions are require?

THETAHEALING® is very fast techniques which allowes to process many great things over very short period of time. How much consultation you need is up to the depth of the issue and your desire to move through it. My clients often feel a great shift withing the session instantly and/or see changes in their everyday life. Some of the issues they chose to work on has been solved after only one consultation. Sometimes there is a system of beliefs about possible composition and deeper work would need to be done therefore the consultation would need more time for it to allow the desired shift. I would not be able to say in advance how many session would be needed due to this deep interconnections of believes. I usually recommend to come for one session and then see the change taking a place. If you still have a need for another you can book for next session

Before the consultation

It is important that your body is well hydrated, drink plenty of water. You may have come to a consultation with the intention of making positive changes but you do not need to have a clear idea about what change. You can decide to work on specific issue or we can by guided what is the most important for you to focus on right now.

Can session be done at a distance?

Yes!  Consultations can be made by phone, Massenger, Zoomus, Whatsapp or via Skype. It is ideal to have a first consultation remotely when the person who has learned how to use the muscle test, wait while trying the remote tests, and convince who you will discover with the practitioner. If it is not possible to examine the muscle test, it is possible to send testing instructions before a remote consultation and explain everything at the beginning of the session and try it out.

How long does the consultation take and how much does it cost?

Consultations can be anywhere from 15min to between 120 minutes.

For 60min consultation the investment is $138NZD and for 15-30min it is $70 NZD.