Michaela Fojtlova

ThetaHealing® Master, Instructor and Facilitator

Early childhood Teacher and Montessori teacher

Fashion Designer

Organic Horticulturist

Ayurvedic and Yoga Practitioner

Full time Friend and Daughter


this is me!

It is my HONOR to meet you and that you found me here in those times of chaos.

I have been thrown here on the Earth with interesting circumstances to make my way through. Like you!

I had to explore, try and fail many ideas and approaches. Like you!

Sometime I won and sometime I loose, like you!

But from all that, amazing things came out. I fild my pockets with many tools and been blessed with amazing “human” teachers like Viana Stibal, Peter Sanson, Sri Tathata, Ruatau Perez and most of all MY PARENTS.

I have learned so much that my heart if fild with GRATITUED!

Now, after all the rough and tumbles, I found a space of PEACE, LOVE and COMPASSION for the world, for others and most of all formyself. Place that I could PLAY with others and start to grow OUR dreams, visions and creations.

LIFE IS FUN! Really! The way we knew as children that life should be!

Of course, I still have stuff coming up, Actually, every day. However it does not make me feel lost, alone, confused, fearful. It makes me feel CURIOUSE! Like a child! Becasue I could see the expantion, opportunity, the new possibility behind it…

This makes my heart to open and expand…to YOU! ​I believe that we all have an innate need to connect and belong and to care for each other and that each of us has a different way of expressing it in its UNIQUE way.

From this love came a passion to share it with everybody and everything around me. Thruogh words, actions, learnings, session or just being! Whether I work on a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level I am committed to holding the space for you to “MOVE BEYOND”.

Love and Light!

Michaela Fojtlova

Reached Certifications in Thetahealing