My Story

Michaela Fojtlova

Intuitive Reader

Reiki Practitioner

ThetaHealing® Master,

Facilitator & Instructor

Early childhood Teacher and Montessori teacher

Fashion Designer

Organic Horticulturist

Ayurvedic and Yoga Practitioner

Since an early age I have been guided by life circumstances to search for different ways

of being and understanding life. At the age of ten I had my first spiritual initiation through a “near death” experience allowing me to look face to face with death. That experience was a beginning of a long journey and experiences. I have been blessed to work with teachers and masters with profound knowledge and awareness.

It was the deepest desire to find the true inner happiness and joy and not to accept the painful reality of my life. Harder life was bigger questions it brought to the service and profound answers I found. With each experience the compassion in my heart grew and with that offering healing space, counseling and energy healing work became more and more part of my life and allowed me to arrive at a place where I can offer it to you.

​I believe that we all have an innate need to connect and belong and to care for each other and that each of us has a different way of expressing it and sharing it.

​​I have trained in multiple modalities and I treasure them all for their own unique gifts which allows me to guide you where everever you need.

​​Whether we work on a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level I am committed to holding the space for you and to be there for you to “move beyond”.


Michaela  (Mishka)